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Privacy & terms of use (owned and operated by Thetakoden-Powell Wang) is concerned with the privacy of its readers. The trust of our readers is very important to us, which is why we have a strict privacy policy. Here we explain how we collect and use cookies and how we safeguard the user's privacy.


1. Who is responsible for processing?

The controller for the processing of personal data used on is Thetakoden-Powell Wang at Anett Powell Wang org. 986425519

2. What is the purpose of processing personal data on the website?

The purpose of processing personal data on the website is primarily to give the individual user a better experience and use of the website, as well as to communicate with our users via e-mail and targeted advertising campaigns.​


3. What is the legal basis for processing personal data on the website? complies with the Personal Data Act and the Electronic Communications Act when it comes to the processing of personal data and the use of cookies on the website.


The authority for processing personal data is § 8 a), cf. § 11 of the Personal Data Act.

4. What personal data is processed?

The personal information that is processed on the website is the information that is entered when contacting and ordering services from, as well as that the website operates with cookies.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's own computer / device, which enables the website to remember the actions or preferences of the individual user over time, and track how often the user has been on the website.

5. Where is the information obtained from?

The personal information that is processed on the website is collected from the individual user by entering their information in an order form. does not collect any information about the customer beyond what the customer himself enters and what is collected via cookies.​


6. Is giving up the information voluntary?

Yes. The use of cookies can be refused by making settings directly on the user's own computer / device.

7. Is the information disclosed to third parties?

No, no personal data is disclosed from the website or from the controller.


8. How is the information deleted and archived?

The customer information that is stored can be deleted by the customer himself clicking "unsubscribe" in one of the e-mails that are sent out. Name, e-mail and otherwise all information linked to that e-mail address will then be deleted.


9. What rights does the data subject have and which country's legislation applies?

Norwegian law applies to use of the website, including the Personal Data Act and the Electronic Communications Act.


The registered person has the right to access their own personal data registered on the website, as well as to request the correction or deletion of incomplete or incorrect information. For more information on this, see the Personal Data Act: and .

10. How is the information secured?

The personal information that is collected is stored according to the various subcontractors' security policies, see overview below.​



Cookies are small text files that are stored on your user device. These enable the website to remember what you have done on the page, how often you have been on the website, as well as your preferences.


As a user, you have the right to know what is registered about you on our website, and consent to the use of cookies must be given. This is done by having your browser set to accept cookies. This setting can also be changed to not accept its use, but there may then be certain functions that do not work optimally for you as a user of our websites.

For more information about cookies and settings in your browser, see here: uses cookies and links to other pages that use cookies. Here is an overview of these:​



Facebook: Cookies from Facebook are only set if you have previously visited Facebook or use a Facebook function or link on our website. These cookies are used by the Facebook functions on our website, such as our 'like' button and comment field. The information can also be used to reach you on Facebook with information / advertisements from us. For Facebook's policy, see here.


Google: Google Analytics is used to analyze the number of visitors to our website, which pages are visited on our website, how long your visit lasts, and which link you followed to get to our website. Collected information is processed by Google and used to generate visitor statistics and reports that show us how our customers visit the website.

For Google Analytics' policy, see here:


Wix: Wix is ​​the tool with which our websites and course portals are developed and hosted. Read Wix's privacy policy here:


Stripe: is used to process payments on the website. The data that is collected is sensitive card data such as the name of the payment card as well as the card number, expiry date and security code. For Stripe's privacy policy, see here:

Facebook: We use a Facebook group for our live broadcasts. Our broadcasts are recorded. Our recordings of broadcasts can be copied into other online courses belonging to Live broadcasts with associated online courses will take place in a closed group. Live broadcasts on the "wall" are for everyone who chooses to participate.

Zoom: We use Zoom to communicate with our customers. The calls are never recorded unless it is stated. For's privacy policy, see

If you need contact regarding the processing of personal data, send an e-mail to


The content of the logged-in pages under must not be shared with unauthorized persons. Login information is personal and must not be shared with others.

Sharing login information or protected content is subject to ban and/or legal prosecution.

Last revised 22.03.21

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